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    Malaysia's 6 Best VPNs To Download Free For Windows PC, Android and IOS

    We've selected the top 6 best VPN services that offer free trial. These VPN services are super fast, safe and provide 100% anonymity.

    #1 | Most Popular in Malaysia

    NordVPN is the world's leading VPN provider. They have the largest VPN server network in the world with 5200++ servers spanning 60 countries. Top brands such as Forbes, BBC, Business Insider and Huffington Post use NordVPN.

    #2 | Cheaper than most VPNs

    While other VPNs have a limit on the number of device per account, you can use Surfshark with unlimited number of devices. Right now, they are offering 83% off VPN deal + 3 months free. In fact, price wise, Surfshark is cheaper than NordVPN.

    #3 | Super Fast & 5G Ready

    They just had a 20Gbps server speed upgrade making them one of the very few VPNs in the world fully ready to operate in 5G. If you like unlimited streaming, fast gaming and zero buffering, then PureVPN is your top choice!

    #4 | Solid Reputation

    Norton VPN offers 60 days money back guarantee. You can cancel you subscription during that time and get a refund.

    #5 | 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    Enjoy Atlas VPN premium without any financial risks. You can cancel anytime If you're not satisfied with the service within 30 days and get a full refund.

    -> atlas.com

    #6 | Offer 7 Days Free Trial

    X-VPN offers a seven-day free trial option. You can enjoy their premium features during the trial period. It will automatically renew after the end of the trial.

    -> xvpn.io

    "The bottom line here is: When you’re online, you don’t have to worry about being secure or about your information getting out there if you have a VPN. NordVPN makes it simple."
    Tech of Tomorrow
    Tech reviewer, YouTube
    “Surfshark customer support is really friendly and helpful when dealing across devices and seems to be very knowledgeable. Highly recommend this VPN I've had for several months now."
    Debra Fear

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still confused about VPNs? Don’t worry we got your back!

    A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a digital tool that allows for protected connection while using a public network. It will mask your IP address while encrypting your internet traffic and concealing your online identity which will protect you from possible cyberattacks. In short, VPN can provide an extra layer of protection in real-time for all your online activities.

    VPN works by hiding your IP address and redirecting it through a secured Internet tunnel which is specially configured by a remote server run by a VPN host with a strong encryption protocol to all your data. What this means is that when surfing the Internet with a VPN, it becomes your source of data, and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) along with other third parties cannot see your online activity.

    This is because your VPN provider turns all your data into “mumbo jumbo” that even if someone were to analyze your data, it would be useless.

    Your Phone is a small computer that stores sensitive data about your life. This data can be stolen by identity thieves and hackers. A VPN will encrypt all online activities and data that is passed online to ensure maximum privacy.

    There are many VPN providers available of which many are free.

    The problem is that most free VPN services provide tiny data allowances, have small networks, and suffer slow speeds.

    There are also serious risks in using a free VPN. We recently carried out an investigation of the top of the 150 most popular free Android VPN apps and found that over 85% had security flaws.

    We always recommend to use a top (paid) VPN service because of the below advantages:

    ✔ Much faster and consistent server speeds

    ✔ Stronger encryption, with better VPN protocols to choose from

    ✔ Advanced privacy and security features

    ✔ Compatibility with more devices

    ✔ Professional customer and technical support (often 24/7)

    The monthly price will usually vary based on the length of your subscription. If you purchase a 2-year plan, you will pay less per month than what you’d pay for a monthly plan.

    Surprisingly, VPN companies sometimes hide their best deals deep in their website. Lucky for you, we’ve gone to the trouble to find these deals.


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